Shamanism is a powerful and ancient spiritual process that can help us during times of trouble and challenge. In our modern world we tend to believe that only what we experience through our five senses is valid but shamanism shows us that there are many ways into other realms where compassionate helping spirits live who can guide and offer insight and healing for others as well as ourselves.

Shamans understand that everything is alive and has spirit and that all beings are part of nature, including people. Shamans know that we are all connected in the web of life and that when we come into alignment with nature it can help us be more balanced.

Shamanism is vast. For each person practicing shamanism the experience is unique. For shamanism is a path of direct revelation. There is no dogma and there are no intermediaries between the seeker and the compassionate helping spirits.

Although shamanism is huge and complex and each tribe had its own customs and ways, at its core, shamanism shares striking similarities no matter where one looks on any continent on Earth except Antarctica.

At A Walk With Spirit Healing, I practice core shamanism which is the practice of techniques that are universal or nearly universal. These are techniques that are common to all humans throughout history worldwide.

The shamanic practitioner undertakes a process of journeying to the helping spirits using percussion instruments like drums or rattles, ecstatic dance, or plant medicines to acquire answers, help or healing. While in connection with the helping spirits the practitioner can become a bridge for the spirits to reach into ordinary reality and affect a healing.

Some of the most common healing may include extraction, soul retrieval, psychopomp, and power animal retrieval.
Science has begun to discover that thoughts have mass and that when we think negative thoughts at someone that thought can lodge in them like an arrow or a dart. These darts can cause illness, disease and loss of vitality. With the assistance of the helping spirits the practitioner can remove these intrusions and restore health and vitality.

Many times in a person’s life, they may experience trauma. The causes might be a close call, accidents, surgery, illness, loss of a loved one, war or abuse. These traumas can cause a person to lose a part of their essence or soul. The loss can be negatively life altering. Illness and depression, etc can be the result. The shamanic practitioner with the aid of the helping spirits can retrieve these lost parts and restore wholeness.

Sometimes, a person loses vital life energy or power. They seem to have a lot of accidents, illnesses, or bad luck. The practitioner restores power to the client by restoring that person’s own helping spirit or power animal.

Psychopomp, meaning, leader of souls is another powerful and helpful technique. Many times when people die they do not go on. It may be that they do not realize that they have died or they feel that they have unfinished business. Sometimes, they are worried about their loved ones or they are simply lost. The shamanic practitioner can then journey and connect with these souls and assist them in moving on or crossing over. A soul that has not moved on can cause distress for themselves and the living.

These practices are just a small sampling of what is available, what is possible at A walk With Spirit Healing for restoring health and balance and gaining insight for clients.


     Reiki is a healing art that channels universal life energy through the reiki practitioner’s hands into the body of the client or receiver.
     Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy.  The space around us, the universe, is filled with an inexhaustible supply of energy.  This energy keeps us alive because it is pristine and productive.  It is natural and flows through the hands in a strong and concentrated form.


     Rei means universal life energy.
     ki flows through every thing, through all living things.
     ki is known as light to Christians, chi to the Chinese, prana to the      Hindus and mana to the kahunas.
     Dr Mikao Usui, a 19th century Christian monk, rediscovered reiki in Japan.  He found references to it from one of the Buddha’s disciples in a Sanskrit document.


     Reiki passes easily through clothing, metal, bandages, etc and into a receiver.  The healer is a channel for the reiki energy and so no personal energy is used or transmitted. Both the giver and receiver are strengthened and enriched.


      Reiki does not conflict with any religious belief or practice or meditation.  It supports all forms of medical treatments both conventional and natural.  It works on the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and soul level. It is a profoundly relaxing and enjoyable process and  it is very helpful for tension relief.


     Let A Walk With Spirit Healing bring this wonderful practice into your life.
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