“Hand in hand,
We walk through dappled shade and sunlight.
Wingtip to wingtip,
Together we fly.
The drum is our heartbeat,
The rattle our call.
Hand in hand I walk with Spirit.”


     Shamans have walked hand in hand with Spirit for tens of thousands of years.  This willing and compassionate partnership is what has made shamanism work so well for so long. Shaman’s and Spirit work together for healing and knowledge, joy and song and service.


     This loving partnership between the helping spirits, spirit teachers, nature spirits, power animals and human beings is a powerful and effective force for growth and inner transformation, love and belonging and our soul’s expansion. Walking this path together we find the way to our own truth from our own direct experience.


     A Walk With Spirit Healing can help you connect with your own helping spirits. Through time honored, safe and practical ways such as journey work, extraction, soul retrieval and power restoration you become more able to clear the spiritual clutter in your life and to let more light flow through.  You become more connected and responsive to the needs of the community around you.


Let A Walk With Spirit Healing help you heal and start your own walk with Spirit.
Rosemary Fitzsimmons
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