I have a small shamanic and reiki healing practice in Wenatchee, Wa. Working with my helping spirits I offer a variety of reiki and shamanic healing support for illnesses or problems that have a spiritual component.


     I have studied shamanic healing with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Sandra Ingerman and from my helping spirits. I was attuned and studied reiki, both Usui and Karuna reiki, from Karen Edwards, a long time reiki master in Wenatchee.


     Shamanic healing is a process of consulting with my helping spirits and determining what, if any, shamanic healing is needed for the client and asking which specific technique is advised.


     Reiki healing is a form of shamanism and shares some of the same techniques.  It is excellent for relaxation and stress relief.


      The following are a FEW of the healing techniques that I use:
  • Power Animal Retrieval-this technique restores spiritual power to an individual by reconnecting them to their own helping spirit.
  • Soul Retrieval-after a trauma many people lose soul essences and these are returned to them allowing the individual to become more whole.
  • Extraction-this technique removes spiritual energies or intrusions that do not belong and are harmful.
  • Psychopomp-is a Greek word meaning leader of souls. This process is for people who have passed away but remain stuck or lost. Sometimes these souls will attach themselves to the living and cause distress. Helping them cross into the light helps them and the living too.
  • Reiki-is a hands on healing process that channels healing from the light. It is also a wonderful relaxation and stress relieving technique.
     I work with the helping spirits for both shamanic and reiki healing. They are spiritual practices .  They do not conflict with medical treatments from a doctor and do not take the place of medical treatments.  I do not diagnose or treat illness or injury.  I do not prescribe medications. Shamanic and reiki treatments do not take the place of a doctors care but they can compliment a person’s well being.
  • Shamanic sessions usually run about two hours and cost $65.00

  • Reiki sessions usually run about one hour and cost $25.00

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