About us

When someone asks about me I suppose they just want to get a sense of who I am and what my experience is.
     I was born and  raised in Washington state. I’ve lived for the last 37 years in the Wenatchee valley.  I’m married and have four children and one grandchild. My husband and I have had our own business for over 30 years and I home schooled my children for about eighteen years.


    In the mid nineties I discovered Reiki healing and gradually worked my way to Reiki master and attained the second level of Karuna Reiki. I have offered this beautiful practice for many years.
     I began learning about Holotropic Breathwork in 2004 and in 2005 I discovered shamanic journey work and healing.  My life just lit up and I knew I had found my place.  I began taking the weekend workshops from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and I studied soul retrieval from Sandra Ingerman.  At this time I began offering healing to the community using various shamanic techniques .  I graduated from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies three year program in 2015. Deepening my relationship with the helping spirits has been and still is a fantastic experience.


     I am happy to be using these beautiful and practical healing practices for myself and others.  I continue to learn so much from my helping spirits and the wonderful people who come for healing. It is such a privilege for me to walk with spirit on this shamanic path and to share what I can with others.


Rosemary Fitzsimmons